Complaints Procedure


  1. Bodhi College is a registered charity which employs two part-time staff and is governed by a board of trustees. The educational courses, retreats and teachings in Buddhism, and related subjects (“the offerings”), which Bodhi College offers are devised and given by experienced teachers of Buddhist philosophy. These teachers are wholly independent of Bodhi College.
  1. Bodhi College accepts no responsibility, legal or otherwise, for the contents of the offerings nor the manner of their presentation given by teachers, nor for any travel arrangements participants may have made in order to participate in our courses.
  1. Bodhi College accepts responsibility only for the administrative and logistical functions which its staff carries out in order to organise and deliver the advertised offerings.
  1. Bodhi College accepts no responsibility, legal or otherwise, for any accommodation or catering paid for separately by participants to the centres in which Bodhi College courses are offered.


  1. Should an attendee at one of Bodhi College’s offerings be dissatisfied in any way and wishes to make a formal complaint, this will be dealt with as follows. All such complaints must be made in writing (physically or digitally) to Bodhi College signed and dated by the complainant.

(i) Administrative Complaint. A complaint concerning any part of Bodhi College’s operations should be addressed in the first instance to the Director of Bodhi College, by email at director(@) If the complainant is not satisfied with the decision of the Director, the complaint may be referred to the trustees of Bodhi College for a final determination which is binding on the parties.

(ii) Complaint over the Offering. A complaint over the content or delivery of the substance of the offering, or over the competence or experience of the teacher giving it, should be addressed, in the first instance, to the Director of Bodhi College, by email at director(@) The Director shall attempt to resolve the complaint, with the assistance of the relevant teacher, to the complainant’s satisfaction. If the complainant remains dissatisfied, the complaint may be referred to the Teaching Faculty which shall advise Bodhi College whether or not, in its opinion, the complaint is sustained. If the complaint is sustained, Bodhi College shall, after consulting the complainant, decide upon the appropriate action to be taken.

(iii) Complaint of misconduct or un-ethical behaviour. A complaint over the alleged misconduct or un-ethical behaviour of any employee or trustee of Bodhi College, or of the teacher of one of the offerings, shall be made to the Chair of the Board of Trustees, sent to by email at director(@) for the attention of the Chair, who shall attempt to deal with the complaint informally in the first instance. If the complaint remains un-resolved, it shall be referred for mediation by a person to be agreed or, in default of agreement, to be appointed in accordance with the CEDR Model Mediation Procedure.  If the complaint remains un-resolved after a mediation has taken place, the complainant may refer it for final determination under the law of England and Wales by an arbitrator, to be agreed between the parties. The decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on the parties. In default of agreement by the parties, the arbitrator shall be appointed by the President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.