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2022 Course
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Conversations on Early Buddhism

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Autumn 2021 series starts
13 September online

“ I appreciated the interaction of theory and practice and how we are helped to integrate it all into our lives. The knowledge, skill and generosity of the teachers is excellent (as well as their sense of humour!). It has exceeded all expectations.”
– Maria, Committed Practitioners Programme (CPP)

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Our founding teachers talk about Bodhi College
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“Interacting with so many people around the globe… created a deep sense of universal connectedness and shared intentions.
Real, warm and intimate.”
Bodhi College Student

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Bodhi College
Dependent Arising starts online 20 June With Stephen Batchelor, Christina Feldman, John Peacock & Akincano Weber"Dependent Arising of the most central teachings of the Buddha. We find it developed and understood throughout all the Buddhist traditions that are alive today."— Stephen BatchelorTraditionally, there are twelve links in the chain of dependent arising. These links describe how mental states arise and evolve, and how we can shift the outcome of this process towards greater happiness and peace.This is a rare opportunity to study with our four founding teachers and hear them discuss each topic together. Our teachers don't always agree, and you can expect to hear discussion with a range of viewpoints.The programme will be formed of six units, with instruction, discussion, meditation and inquiry.A new one will be released each week but you are free to study at your own pace and all the resources are yours to keep.Open to all.Offered in collaboration with Tricycle: The Buddhist Review.Sign up here https://bit.ly/3NaDiBq ... See MoreSee Less
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