Equality and Diversity

Bodhi College is committed to making the exploration of the practices and teachings of the Buddha relevant and accessible in today’s world. It is important to us to welcome all people of every age, ethnicity, cultural heritage and religious background, socio-economic group, ability, sexual orientation and gender identity.

In this we aspire to follow in the footsteps of the Buddha, who offered his teachings of awakening and freedom to everyone without exception, and in doing so challenged the limitations of the social structures and attitudes of his day, such as the rigid caste system and restricted position of women.

We seek to promote the inclusion and participation in all Bodhi College’s activities of people of diverse identities, and we are committed to identifying, understanding, and taking down whatever barriers might prevent this happening. Meanwhile we acknowledge the learning and open-mindedness that this pursuit requires, and that we are still at the beginning of this journey.

Mission Statement