2024 Programme


Online Courses and Retreats

  • The Good Life ➤ with Akincano Weber and John Peacock
    • Six week online study programme
    • Offered in partnership with Tricycle Magazine
    • Open to all – new and experienced practitioners alike
  • Community Mentoring Programme: The Brahmaviharas ➤ with Christina Feldman
    • Online mentoring programme
    • Four weekly evening sessions on on 10, 16, 23 Sep and 4 Oct (NB – different days of the week)
    • For experienced practitioners
    • Limited number of participants
  • The Dhammapada ➤ with Christina Feldman and Antonia Sumbundu
    • Online seminar series
    • Five weekly evening sessions on November 4th, 11th and 18th and December 2nd and 16th.
    • Open to all – new and experienced practitioners alike

Online Community Groups

  • Uposatha Sangha 2024 ➤ with  Yuka Nakamura, Jaya Rudgard and Chris Cullen.
    • Traditional gathering – online
    • On the new and full moon of each month. Dates will follow the lunar calendar so the day of the week will vary.
    • Open to all – new and experienced practitioners alike

For information on how to join on of our regular online community groups please go here.

In-person Courses and Retreats


  • Emptiness, Not-Self and Identity ➤ with Martine Batchelor, Christoph Köck and Bernat Font
    • Study retreat
    • 29 August – 3 September
    • ITC Naarden, Holland
    • For experienced practitioners
  • Attention, Insight and Ethics ➤ with John Peacock and Christina Feldman
    • Study retreat
    • 25-30 November
    • Sharpham House, Devon, UK
    • For experienced practitioners


  • Die vier Aufgaben ➤ mit Christoph Köck
    • Schweigekurs
    • 16-23 November
    • Seminarhaus Engl, Bayern, Deutschland
    • Geeignet für Anfänger und Erfahrene in der Ausübung des Dharma



  • Being Among People ➤ with Wibo Koole
    • Weekend retreat
    • 11-13 October
    • De Ruimte, Amsterdam, Holland
    • Open to all

Long Courses (with multiple modules/retreats)

Open for enrolment:

  • Committed Practitioners Programme  ➤ with Christina Feldman, Akincano Weber, Jaya Rudgard, Christoph Köck, John Peacock and Yuka Nakamura
    • 6 modules & 2 retreats in Holland
    • Will launch in March 2025

Currently not open for enrolment:

  • Secular Dharma: Study, Practice and Community ➤ with Martine Batchelor and Stephen Batchelor
    • 4 modules and 1 retreat in the UK
    • Completed in November 2022
    • If you would like to receive news about this extended programme, please sign up to our newsletter here, or contact our bookings administrator via the contact form here..

Essential Booking Information