In January, 2022, 29 experienced practitioners from around the world completed the Bodhi College Teacher Training Programme.

These are people who were invited into the programme by senior teachers who, through personal contact with them, acknowledged their potential to share the dharma.  A range of senior teachers participated in the training over the three year period, guiding participants in learning teaching skills, deepening their understanding of the dharma and further study.  Prior to the training, or concurrent with the training, participants were asked to complete the Bodhi College Committed Practitioner Programme, a two year in-depth study of early Buddhist teachings.  As part of the training people were asked to engage in extended personal retreat and to assist on retreats.  Due to covid restrictions the dimension of assisting on retreats has been limited and will continue over the next period of time. Many of those who have completed the training have roots in their local sanghas.

We are pleased to commend and continue supporting this dedicated group of dharma practitioners as they move from being trainee teachers to teaching in a range of setting, adding fresh voices to the richness of the teaching community.

They are:

Denis Bićanić, Germany/Croatia

Sophie Boyer, France

Rob Brandsma, Holland

Eva Broby Johansen, Denmark

Rebecca Crane, UK

Regina Enders, Germany

Alison Evans, UK

Boaz Feldman, Switzerland

Kevin Fong, China

Bernat Font, UK/Spain

Gwenola Herbette, Belgium

Christin Illeborg, Denmark

Wibo Koole, Holland

Tony O’Connor, UK

Ramiro Ortega, UK/Spain

Isabel Palma Hohmann, Germany

Anne Patrikainen, Finland

Mat Schenks, UK

Nicole Schoonbrood, Holland

Anne Speckens, Holland,

Gerit Stoecklmair, Denmark/Austria

Antonia Sumbundu, Denmark

Grit Ulrike Tautenhahn, Germany

Klaus-Peter Uhlenberg, Germany

Julia Wallond, UK

Thimo Wittich, US/Germany

River Wolton, UK

With respect –  Martine Batchelor, Stephen Batchelor, Chris Cullen, Jake Dartington, Christina Feldman, Christoph Köck, Yuka Nakamura, John Peacock, Jaya Rudgard, Akincano Weber