By Christina Feldman, Bodhi College Teacher

Akincano and I recently launched the first of the CPP modules in the Netherlands with an engaged and lively group from six countries. I am reminded again of what a rich and valuable programme this is with participants reporting that they were left with a deeper understanding of the context and direction of their practice.

At times western practitioners are prone to hear the word ‘study’ with some ambivalence thinking it to be an intellectual exercise. A division is often made between conceptual understanding of the teaching and what happens on a meditation cushion. In developing insight we are reminded of the first steps of listening to and finding an intellectual agreement with the teaching and then exploring it experientially. We begin to see ourselves on a path of awakening that embraces the whole of our lives in which formal meditation plays a significant part but is not the whole picture.

In the coming modules and retreats over the next eighteen months we will enjoy engaging with this group of committed practitioners.