We asked our teachers five questions about them and their lives. Here is what Martine responded:

Martine Batchelor

1) If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self / what do you wish you’d known at the beginning when you started out on this path?

Nothing to say about that one.  I am happy with what I did.  I would say: good choice.

2) What brings you joy? What makes you unhappy? 

To appreciate things brings me a quiet joy.  Stress and fatigue lower my limits and I can become irritated for brief periods and be less patient.

3) If you weren’t teaching what career would you have liked to have? 

This is the best thing I could ever have done.  In my youth I thought of becoming a journalist.

4) What one phrase or teaching do you come back to the most / have you found most useful? (Buddhist or not)

“The busier you are the slower you should go.” by a Korean elder nun, a great practitioner.

5) Whats the most unusual place you’ve meditated or taught?

A sort of rundown boy scout house in Germany with stacks of beer in the entrance.