Uposatha Sangha 2024

Live online events

  • Jan 11

    Thursday Jan 11, 2024 - Monday Dec 30, 2024

    (Start time Thu 19:00 GMT - End time Mon 19:30 GMT)
    Jaya Rudgard, Yuka Nakamura, River Wolton, Bernat Font, Klaus-Peter Uhlenberg
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    This happens every two weeks according to the lunar calendar. This programme is offered on a dāna basis

Building our Practice Community

** With sincere apologies, the 9th February meeting has been cancelled, all registered students have been notified by email.  The next session will be on the 24th February.  thank you for your understanding**

Continuing the sangha we started in January 2022 and continued in 2023, this year we will also invite you to come and join us via Zoom for half an hour on the new and full moon of each month.

Inspired by the ancient tradition of observance of the Uposatha days, these gatherings offer an opportunity to support and encourage one another in renewing our commitment to practice.

We’ll lead a simple forgiveness meditation and take the refuges and precepts in the traditional way, have a brief sit, share another reflection, and dedicate the blessings of our practice

The sangha started with an Introduction to Uposatha Sangha gathering on Sunday 2 January 2022 (the new moon). We introduced the texts and practices, and had some time to meet, meditate and reflect together on our relationship to tradition, and to ritual, and how to make use of these times together.

To access an audio recording of this session, please click here.

Here you can also download the text used during the ceremony here

You can read feedback and experiences from participants who attended the sessions here and an interview with Jaya Rudgard about the sangha here.

Once you have registered for the Uposatha Sangha you will receive a link which works for all sessions.

There is no need to attend regularly or let us know whether or not you are coming each time: you can just turn up whenever you are able to join us and either or two of us will be there.

We look forward to seeing you and to supporting our practice together!

Event Details


Our meetings will be at 7-7.30pm GMT/8-8.30pm CET (BST (British Summer Time) from 8th April to 22nd June included). Dates will follow the lunar calendar so the day of the week will vary: please see the list of dates and times until June 2024 below.

Full and new moon dates for the first half of 2024


Jan 11th Thurs (New Moon)
Jan 25th Thurs (Full Moon)
Feb 9th Fri (New Moon) CANCELLED with apologies
Feb 24th Sat (Full Moon)
Mar 10th Sun (New Moon)
Mar 25th Mon (Full Moon)
Apr 8th Mon (New Moon)
Apr 23rd Tue (Full Moon)
May 8th Wed (New Moon)
May 22nd Wed (Full Moon)
Jun 6th Thur (New Moon)
Jun 22nd Sat (Full Moon)

The second half of the 2024 schedule will be released later this year.  


Open to all - new and experienced practitioners alike


These gatherings are being offered freely, but for those who wish there will be an opportunity to offer Dana.


Jaya new
began meditating in the 1980s and practised for eight years as a nun in the Thai Forest tradition in England with Ven. Ajahn Sumedho as her teacher. She is a graduate of the Insight Meditation Society/Spirit Rock Teacher Training and teaches Insight Meditation and mindfulness in the UK and internationally. Jaya is a qualified yoga teacher and a certified Holden Qigong instructor.

YUKA NAKAMURA has practised Buddhist meditation in different traditions since 1993, has a PhD in Developmental Psychology and is a certified MBSR-teacher. Trained as a Buddhist meditation teacher by Fred von Allmen she teaches meditation at Beatenberg (Switzerland), Gaia House (UK), Insight Meditation Society (Barre, MA) and other places. Yuka offers MBSR-courses and MBI-trainings at the CFM Zentrum für Achtsamkeit (CH).

River Wolton is a Community Dharma Leader authorised by Gaia House Teacher Council, and has completed Dharma Teacher Training with Bodhi College. A former Derbyshire Poet Laureate, she has led writing and arts projects for many years, and is an activist in the LGBTQI+ community.


BERNAT FONT met the dharma at a very young age and has practiced in Europe, India and Myanmar, gradually putting aside his artistic career. He completed his dharma teacher training with Bodhi College in 2022, mentored by Stephen Batchelor, and has a PhD in Buddhist Studies. He founded the dharma organisation 'Espai Sati' in Barcelona, serves the LGBTQIA+ community, and teaches in English, Catalan and Spanish

Klaus-Peter Uhlenberg began practising Buddhist meditation and studying the Dharma in the 1990s. Since 2007, he has been a regular participant in Akincano M. Weber's meditation and study courses in Cologne, andhas been teaching himself since 2021. Klaus-Peter completed the Committed Practitioners Programme and the Teacher Training Programme at Bodhi College. After many years as a judge at the administrative court, Klaus-Peter is now retired. He lives with his wife in Cologne