Our trustee Brigitte Huber shares her thoughts on cooking and baking as a form of practice:

“I regularly have to prepare meals, be it for some friends, our extended family or just the two of us. I have to walk to the basement where veggies and staple foods are stored, sixteen steps down into cooler air along a smooth wooden rail on wooden steps with a nice sound when tread on. Then cleaning and cutting the different colored textures, that soon release their wonderful smells. Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Farmer for growing them, thanks Mr. Trucker for bringing them, thanks Mrs. Wholefoodsalesperson for shelving them! While sizzling, steaming and cooking I look forward to who ever will be eating my meal, may they be happy and enjoy it! I think of my little grandson who just started to pick up little cubes of food with his small fingers. May he find a world that is still worth living in when he is older, may I be able to contribute in any small way to peace in his world.

And baking bread- a wonderful practice I enjoy on a regular basis. It starts with wonder and gratitude that this small glass of starter somehow miraculously is a living thing in my fridge and the tiny creatures do their job with the flour – thank you! The fine smell of different flours I mix will turn over a day into a different smell in the dough with me attending to it every two hours, gently but steadily pulling and folding it. In the evening after baking the house is filled with the heartwarming smell of fresh bread! Gratitude and joy fill my heart, I am looking forward to the moment it will be nourishing us.”