• Venwoude

    Vuurse Steeg 1
    Lage Vuursche 3749 AN

    Venwoude is a unique retreat center in the Netherlands, situated on a beautiful estate in the woods between Amsterdam and Utrecht. It is known for its excellent organic food, its simple but high-quality accommodations, its well-kept gardens and its general atmosphere of loving care and spiritual depth.

    Year in, year out, prominent international trainers and teachers of consciousness work choose Venwoude as their favorite venue because of the palpable spiritual vibe that is present here. 

    The Venwoude Retreat Center is run by a dynamic group of people with a passion for personal growth and consciousness work. From the very start, now 30 years ago, we have made our conference halls, training facilities and accommodations available for groups that have the healing of people, society and our planet at heart.

  • Waldhaus Am Laacher See, Germany

    Rheinland-Pfalz 56645

    Seminar house for Buddhist events of all schools (emphasis on Vipassana). For more than ten years we have been offering retreats by Buddhist and other teachers. Our foundation is the Theravada Buddhism and teaching  of Thich Nhat Hanh, but we are open to all traditions and schools. Our teachers are working in harmony with the Buddhist teachings. We also support the connection with our Western culture and other religions.

    Das Vereinshaus ist ein Zentrum für regelmäßige Gruppen, und verschiedene Kurse. Es liegt auf einer Anhöhe (350 m hoch) am Rand der Eifel, ca. 10 km von Andernach, zwischen Koblenz und Bonn. Durch seine einsame Lage am Rand des Waldes bietet es erholsame Aufenthalte in der Natur. Zum Laacher See geht man ca. 20 Minuten. 

    Das Haus bietet von seiner Grundstruktur als ehemalige Schule und Kloster und durch seine ruhige Lage einen sehr geeigneten Rahmen für Meditation, Studium und Entspannung.

  • Woodbrooke

    Woodbrookersweg 1
    Barchem BR 7244

    A richly historic and beautiful estate.  A sea of rest and space, Woodbrooke Barchem is situated in the middle of the beautiful Achterhoekforest. 

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