Remembering Gary Born

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Remembering Gary Born

Gary Born, a Trustee of Bodhi College, passed away suddenly on 21st April at the age of 73.

We would like to invite you to an evening gathering to remember our dear friend and colleague at 18:30 BST on 20th July 2022.

Our evening event will bring together the College’s teachers, trustees, staff and participants from around the world, to mark out gratitude and indebtedness to Gary for all his work, which we all benefited from, often without knowing it.

Gary’s love of the dharma was a key passion in his life, to which he brought boundless enthusiasm and generosity. Gary was a tremendous contributor to so many groups of people – as a very active trustee, to the community groups he facilitated for Bodhi College, for his cancer mindfulness group, to his CPP sangha, as a participant in the Secular Dharma programme, as a mentor and as a friend. 

The evening will be facilitated by Christina Feldman and most of the Bodhi College faculty, trustees and staff will participate. We will take a short time to sit together and share reflections before opening the space to others to share their personal recollections of Gary, to honour his life.

“Gary was an unstinting giver, generous with his time, expertise and kindness in so many directions. It is a lifetime record to be very proud of and an example to others. His unexpected passing leaves many of us with a sense of sudden loss and many loose ends. This will be an opportunity for Gary’s many friends to come together to celebrate his life." 

- Sean Williams, Chairman of Bodhi College