Bodhi College Community Group

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Bodhi College Community Group

Bodhi College is hosting a new peer-centred community group focused on how ancient Buddhist teachings can help us in our modern day lives. The group will offer a space for you to:

  • discuss, reflect and experiment collectively on themes which feel most relevant and important to your life with reference to ancient Buddhist teachings;
  • get to know others with similar passions and interests in what we offer at Bodhi College;
  • enjoy a peer-centred learning process with an experienced facilitator and Dharma teacher. 

We will be referring to Buddhist teachings as a central point of reference, and the themes discussed and group structure will be peer-centred, which means it will unfold organically according to the participants' collective desires, intentions and evolution.



The community will run on the first Tuesday of every month from 1:30-3pm BST/GMT

If you are in a different time zone, please click here to check what time it is for you.

  • September 6th 2022
  • October 4th 2022
  • November 1st 2022
  • BREAK: no sessions in December 2022 & January 2023
  • February 7th 2023
  • March 7th 2023
  • April 4th 2023
  • May 2nd 2023
  • June 6th 2023
  • July 4th 2023

Who is this group for?

This community group is open to everyone! You are welcome, independent of your meditation experience, academic background, religious affiliation, ethnicity, class, gender status and sexual orientation. We aim for this collective space to be inviting and comfortable for all.

Embodiment & Integration

The purpose of this group is to explore the Buddhist teachings and how they may apply to our daily lives, and it is therefore important that anyone interested in the group is committed to this spirit of practicing embodying any insights that resonate as important for you from the group discussions in between sessions.


We expect group participants to commit to every monthly community session (Sept-Nov 2022 & February-May 2023). This is essential for the community-building process, the sense of connection and the development of understandings which evolve from session to session. 'Of course, it may sometimes not be possible to attend, though we ask participants to make this firm commitment upon signing up, especially because the group size is limited. Thank you for your consideration and clear intention!


Boaz Feldman first practiced meditation as a Buddhist monk in the tradition of northern Boaz FeldmanThailand 15 years ago. He is a Dharma teacher graduate from the Bodhi College with Martine and Stephen Batchelor as his mentors. Boaz is currently completing his Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) certification with the University of Bangor and has completed over 6 years of silent retreats with teachers such as Sayadaw U Tejaniya (Burma), Joseph Goldstein (USA), Rob Burbea (UK) and Patricia & Charles Genoud (Switzerland). He also trained as a clinical psychologist and founded NeuroSystemics, a Swiss-based charity which trains individuals, groups and communities in somatics and trauma-sensitive approaches globally.