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Session 12: The Buddha’s Middle Way

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    Session 12:

    28th June at 4pm BST with follow-up discussion 2nd July at 7pm BST
    The Buddha's Middle Way

    With Stephen Batchelor and Robert Ellis

    How can we go about reconciling polarised debates between entrenched opponents, or intractable conflicts within ourselves? The Buddha's Middle Way, illustrated by his early life, offers a universal approach to such conflicts that is not based on claims about the universe, but on a principle of judgement. Robert M. Ellis will introduce the argument of his recent book, 'The Buddha's Middle Way', that the Middle Way offers a key to interpreting Buddhism in practical, universal, terms that can also be applied in any other tradition - terms that can also be supported by psychology and neuroscience, but have been obscured by appeals to authority in the Buddhist tradition.



    ROBERT M. ELLIS is the founder of the Middle Way Society and the author of a number of books on Middle Way Philosophy – including the introductory Migglism and the more detailed Middle Way Philosophy series. His most recent book, The Buddha’s Middle Way: Experiential Judgement in his Life and Teaching was published by Equinox in 2019, with a foreword by Stephen Batchelor. He has a Ph.D. in Philosophy, is an experienced teacher, and was formerly a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order. He now regularly leads retreats for the Middle Way Society.


    STEPHEN BATCHELOR is a Buddhist teacher and writer known for his secular or agnostic approach to the Dharma. Formerly a Buddhist monk in the Tibetan and Zen traditions, he is the translator and author of several books including Buddhism Without Beliefs, Living with the Devil and Confessions of a Buddhist Atheist. His most recent book, After Buddhism, was published by Yale University Press in 2015. He lives in southwest France with his wife Martine.


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