Recordings: Pleasure, Liking and Craving: Buddhist Psychological Perspectives

Recordings of the One-Day Online Presentation and Workshop with Akincano and Christoph

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This is the recording for the Online Zoom Seminar with presentations and practical exercises.


Early Buddhist Teachings use the evocative notions of ‘drought’ and ‘thirst’ (taṇhā) to name an existential condition that compels beings to seek gratification and appeasement. The apparently unambiguous psycho­logical term ‘desire’ belies the fact that our explicit cravings often mask an underlying malaise and a sense of lack and deficiency. Buddhist traditions, at a first glance, take a dim view of desire as an unwholesome force, pointing to the profound pathos in human longing, desire and ambition and identify the en­suing pursuits as leading to even deeper unsatisfactoriness (dukkha). However, Buddhist Teaching also recognize desire lies at the heart of moti­vation and the quest for excellence and liberation. At a second glance, the old teachings reveal deep and remarkably modern insights into the ambiguity of wanting; they also offer useful discernment and helpful practices to transform destructive forms of wanting into constructive ones.

This day-long online seminar helps to clarify desire as understood in Western and Buddhist psychologies. As desire cannot simply be negated, Christoph and Akincano – both experienced meditation teachers, psychotherapists, and former monastics – will reflect on the interplay of pleasure, liking, craving, and addiction and explore realistic ways to practice with these con­ditions in the light of Buddhist contemplative vision and Western psychological insight.


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