How to live, what to do? Buddhism and Five Ethical Dilemmas

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At the heart of Buddhist practice is not meditation, as we may suppose, but ethics. Meditation practice is, however, one of the strategies in the Buddha's teaching that opens up the possibility of allowing us to see more clearly and thereby act with greater ethical awareness. Wherever we are, and no matter what we are engaged in we are confronted with ethical dilemmas, and we always find ourselves in ethical situations, no matter whether we like it or not.  This course will engage us with some of the primary ethical dilemmas that confront us in the 21st century - how to communicate in a responsible way; what constitutes ethical action in the political and social sphere; how do we lead a 'good' life when the we are faced with an environmental crisis; how important is thought and rationality in acting ethically; is there an ethics of non-self?