Working with mind states and emotions

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Many different states can arise in the mind: peace, kindness, anger, restlessness, excitement, anxiety, satisfaction, loneliness, hopelessness, clarity, and countless others. These mind states have an effect on the kinds of thoughts and memories that arise, how we perceive the world and how we act. They have the potential to cause us a lot of unnecessary suffering but also to bring beauty and meaning to our lives.

In this course we will learn how to become more aware of our mind states and their effect, and how to meet them more skilfully.  We’ll practice with challenging ones and learn how to cultivate more wholesome states, also discovering the instructions the Buddha gave in the Satipatthana sutta for practicing with them.

The course intends to bring equanimity, freedom, wisdom, clarity and non-identification for living and practicing with mind states both subtle and strong. 

Each class contains a guided meditation, a dharma talk, a small group discussion and time for questions and answers. There will be optional homework practices and reflections offered at the end of each session. We hope to deepen and broaden one’s practice both on the meditation cushion and in the midst of daily life. 


Event Details


6 weekly online sessions starting from Monday 28 August 2023 until 2 October 2023 from 18-20 CEST.


Open to all - new and experienced practitioners alike


  • The fee does not contribute towards the livelihood of our teachers. You will be invited to offer teacher dana at the end of the course.
  • If you are unable to afford the rate please let us know. We will make sure that no one is turned away because of lack of funds.


ANNE PATRIKAINEN has practiced Vipassana meditation since 2004. She has sat numerous AnnePatrikainenretreats in Europe, Asia, and the USA, including many three-month retreats. Based in Helsinki, Anne has been sharing the Dharma since 2011 in various cities around Finland and online. She is one of the lead teachers of Nirodha Insight Meditation Finland and has completed the Bodhi College Dharma Teacher Training Programme. In her teaching Anne likes to emphasize clarity, examples of practice in daily life, as well as kindness and compassion for oneself. She divides her time between sharing the Dharma and working as a psychologist.