At home with change: an online daylong retreat

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Impermanence (anicca) is one of the three foundational characteristics of existence. 

All things that exist are governed by a natural flow: they emerge, evolve, and finally expire. This is the cycle and balance of life - there is birth & death, creation & destruction, growth & decay. 

With this instability and inconsistency, stress and tension come into play.

In this day-long workshop we will explore how focusing our attention on the present moment and nurturing a composed and open mind allows us to be more at ease and at peace with this reality. We will practice how to recognize the challenge this natural flow presents to us and how to not react or get caught up in it. We will also explore how an understanding of impermanence can support us in meeting what's difficult and appreciating what's beautiful. 

This day of practice at home will consist of periods of sitting and walking meditation and will include short dharma talks and Q&A sessions. There will be an optional opportunity to break away into smaller groups to discuss one's practice with the teachers. 

While a familiarity with basic mindfulness meditation is a prerequisite, this workshop is open to all levels from beginners to more experienced meditators. 

Event Details


A one day workshop from 10 to 17 CEST


Open to all - new and experienced practitioners alike


  • The fee does not contribute towards the livelihood of our teachers. You will be invited to offer teacher dana at the end of the course.
  • If you are unable to afford the rate please let us know. We will make sure that no one is turned away because of lack of funds.


ANNE PATRIKAINEN has practiced Vipassana meditation since 2004. She has sat numerous AnnePatrikainenretreats in Europe, Asia, and the USA, including many three-month retreats. Based in Helsinki, Anne has been sharing the Dharma since 2011 in various cities around Finland and online. She is one of the lead teachers of Nirodha Insight Meditation Finland and has completed the Bodhi College Dharma Teacher Training Programme. In her teaching Anne likes to emphasize clarity, examples of practice in daily life, as well as kindness and compassion for oneself. She divides her time between sharing the Dharma and working as a psychologist.


SOPHIE BOYER has been practicing meditation for 20 years during her time providing nursing care. After years spent in hospices, she became more interested in exploring silent meditation retreats in Europe, and in theSophie BoyerUS and spent 2 years in Myanmar as a Buddhist nun. She has been trained under the guidance of Martine Batchelor and completed the Bodhi College Dharma Teacher Training. She also took the MBCAS instructor training program (mindfulness based cognitive approach for seniors). She currently offers meditation sessions for an oncology ward in Geneva and mainly offers retreats in France.