The Way of the Bodhisattva – the Landscape of Compassion

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This programme reflects on the path of the Bodhisattva as taught by Santideva -  one of the most esteemed teachers in the history of Mahayana Buddhism. 

The Bodhicaryavatara - translated as ‘A Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life’ - is a primary source and root of the path of altruism and awakening in the Tibetan tradition.  In the early teaching, the Buddha speaks of compassion as the primary motivation for practicing and teaching the dhamma.  Santideva’s work explores the nuances of what compassion is and how it is cultivated in our lives. 

The beautiful, poetic language of this teaching speaks to us over generations.  Based on an awareness of the context and setting that the work originates from, we will be looking at how the message may come alive for us today. We begin to understand how challenging it is to cultivate this spirit of compassion in all we do in our lives, yet also appreciate the benefits it brings to our own hearts and the ways we interact with and touch the world.  

For Christina and Antonia, this teaching has been a primary source of inspiration in their own paths.

Event Details


Thursday November 9, 16, 23, 30 and December 7 and 14 


Six consecutive Thursday evenings from 6:00 to 8 pm GMT


Open to all - new and experienced practitioners alike.


  • The price includes a fee for the teachers, no additional dana will be requested. 
  • If you are unable to afford the rate please let us know. We will make sure that no one is turned away because of lack of funds


CHRISTINA FELDMAN is a co-founder of Gaia House and a guiding teacher at Insight Meditation Society, Barre, Massachussetts. The author of a number of books, she has been teaching insight meditation retreats internationally since 1976. She is one of the teaching faculty of the CPP programme, dedicated to the study and application of the early teachings of the Buddha and is engaged in teaching the Buddhist psychological foundations of mindfulness to those training to teach mindfulness-based applications in England, Belgium and the Netherlands. Her most recent book Mindfulness: Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Psychology, written with Willem Kuyken, was published in the summer of 2019. 

ANTONIA SUMBUNDU has been a Tibetan Buddhist and mindfulness meditation practitioner for more than 30 years. She trained as a clinical psychologist specialized in CBT and supervision, and completed an MSt in MBCT from University of Oxford, where she currently is a senior associate trainer. For many years her work focused on the clinical applications of meditation, before shifting to teach meditation in a broader context and serving as a dharma teacher for an international meditation community.