Samsara – Test course 4

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‘Samsara’ is a key concept in Indian and Buddhist thought, which broadly means ‘going round in circles’. This rich and evocative idea can be understood cosmologically — as a beginningless cycle of birth, death and rebirth over aeons; psychologically — as repetitive patterns of neurotic thought and behaviour that prevent one from flourishing; and spiritually — as the opposite pole to the liberation, peace and enlightenment of nirvana.

Over four weeks, we will explore the meaning and implications of Samsara from these and other perspectives through talks, dialogues, breakout groups, open discussions and periods of silent reflection. How does this concept still speak to us today? How can we skilfully apply it to understand our own situation in life?

CHRISTINA FELDMAN is a co-founder of Gaia House and a guiding teacher at Insight Meditation Society, Barre, Massachussetts. The author of a number of books, she has been teaching insight meditation retreats internationally since 1976. She is one of the teaching faculty of the CPP programme, dedicated to the study and application of the early teachings of the Buddha and is engaged in teaching the Buddhist psychological foundations of mindfulness to those training to teach mindfulness-based applications in England, Belgium and the Netherlands. Her most recent book Mindfulness: Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Psychology, written with Willem Kuyken, was published in the summer of 2019.