Mission Statement

vajjrasana+buddhapadaBodhi College is an educational centre for meditative learning (suta), critical examination (cintā) and practical cultivation (bhāvanā) of the Dharma as found in the early strata of Buddhist texts. While primarily focused on the sutta (discourses) and vinaya (monastic training) sections of the Pali canon, the College gives equal significance to comparable materials recorded in any of the prakrits, Sanskrit, Chinese, Tibetan and other Asian languages.

Bodhi College aspires to recover core insights of early Buddhist teachings so as to develop fresh ways of understanding the Dharma today. It seeks to provide a contemplative education that inspires students to realize the values of the Dharma in the context of this secular age and culture. In the spirit of Buddha’s middle teaching (majjhena dhammadesanā) and his middle approach (majjhimā paṭipadā), Bodhi College is committed to a middle way of human awakening that integrates theory with practice, encouraging both personal fulfillment and social engagement.

To this end, the College offers a year-round programme of courses, workshops, lectures and colloquia which enable students to access the rich and often untapped resources of the early texts and acquire the linguistic, hermeneutic, psychological and historical skills to understand them in ways that can be applied to contemporary needs.


The curriculum at Bodhi College is built around the Committed Practitioners’ Programme (CPP), a mentored two-year course of seminar and retreat modules which has been running independently since 2009 (formerly the Committed Dharma Practioners’ Programme). The College was launched in 2015 and, in addition to the CPP, offers courses in the following fields:

  • Buddhist Psychology
  • Training for Mindfulness Teachers
  • Textual Studies
  • Contemporary Culture
  • Classical Languages (Pali)

Courses offered by the College are intended for those who have an established Dharma practice, therapists, educators and others who use mindfulness-based approaches in their professional work.

Core Faculty

Stephen Batchelor, Chris Cullen, Christina Feldman, John Peacock and Akincano Weber make up the core faculty of Bodhi College. They are responsible for designing and planning the curriculum, teaching courses and modules, mentoring students, training prospective teachers and inviting visiting faculty to contribute to the programme.


While ultimately Bodhi College may acquire its own property, the programme will initially be offered in rented venues.

Last updated: 2017/05/24