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Bodhi College: Early Buddhist Teachings for a Secular Age

Bodhi College is a European educational centre for meditative learning. Our inspiration stems from a Dharma as found in the early strata of Buddhist texts. For the time being, Bodhi College does not have a fixed home; it acts as an umbrella for a number of teaching activities held in different venues, led by a core and visiting faculty.

A Vision

Over the past forty years, a growing number of people from all walks of life have been drawn to Buddhist ideas, values and practices. With the introduction of mindfulness into healthcare, education, business and other fields, Buddhist meditation is now entering the mainstream of modern societies to an unprecedented degree.

An education

Bodhi College offers an ethical and philosophical framework for those practising meditation and the Dharma in today’s world by drawing on the early teachings of the Buddha before they became codified into the doctrines of the different Buddhist traditions.

The College is non-sectarian and unaligned with any Buddhist orthodoxy or particular school. While making use of modern critical scholarship, our goals are not academic. We offer a contemplative education that inspires students to realise the values of the Dharma in the context of this secular age and culture.

An invitation

Bodhi College is open to Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike, to people of any faith or none, to those who use mindfulness for its therapeutic value, as much as those for whom meditation is part of their religious practice.

For more see our mission statement.

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