Gift Aid explained

Bodhi-InstituteIf you are a UK taxpayer and you Gift Aid your donation to Bodhi College, giving £10 is worth £12.50 to the Institute at no extra cost to you.

For every £1 you donate, we can claim 25 pence of the tax you have paid from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), provided you have paid sufficient tax within the tax year.

This also applies to donations made to any other charities throughout the year. You should keep a note of donations given to all charities within a 12 month period as the total amount of your donations on which Gift Aid can be claimed is limited to the amount of tax you have paid.

When you make a Gift Aid declaration

For us to claim Gift Aid on your donation, you will need to make a Gift Aid declaration. When you enter your payment details online, you will be asked if you are a UK taxpayer and if so, to tick a box if you would like us to claim Gift Aid on your donation. This will generate a Gift Aid declaration form which will be emailed to you – one form can cover every gift made to Bodhi College from the date of your donation for whatever period you choose. It can also cover any future gifts you may make to Bodhi College. It is advisable to keep the emailed form as you may be asked to produce it by HMRC.

Have you paid enough tax?

A tax year runs from 6th April in one year to 5th April the following year.
To work out if you’ve paid enough tax to claim Gift Aid on all your donations, divide the total donation value by four. For example, if you give £100 in a particular tax year you will need to have paid £25 tax over that period (£100/4 = £25).
For more information about Gift Aid and higher rate tax payers please refer to the HMRC website.

What we need to claim your Gift Aid:

  • your full name
  • your home address with your postcode
  • details of your donation, and it should say that it’s a Gift Aid donation

You can also email us; fill in and post this printable Gift Aid declaration form; or just check the Gift Aid declaration box at the online checkout.

Keep us up to date:

If your circumstances change and you are no longer a taxpayer or you become a taxpayer please let us know. We also need to know if you change address so that we can keep our records up to date.

Please note:

The Gift Aid scheme does not apply to donations made to individuals, such as teachers or coordinators.

How to donate