How can I help?

As an independent, registered charity, Bodhi College relies on the generosity (dāna) of students, patrons and donors.
To make a financial dāna offering, please see: How to donate. Or if you have time to offer, find out about the practical ways you may be able to volunteer, below:

An opportunity to practice practical dāna

Volunteers are central to our vision and your generosity is a valued dāna offering. We are committed to ensuring that volunteering with us is interesting and enjoyable, and helps to support your practice and exploration of the Dharma.

Current volunteering opportunities

There are three main areas in which we are currently offering volunteering opportunities: marketing, outreach and course management/support.

Marketing and outreach

We are establishing a team of volunteers based in continental Europe and the US to help with publicising and developing our courses in their home country.
Volunteers in this role carry out email-based promotion and outreach via digital platforms. This primarily involves identifying and accessing networks of interested people and organisations, building up contact lists, and circulating email flyers and course information.

Retreat and course co-ordination

A number of our courses run in mainland Europe and we are looking for experienced retreat managers to oversee the smooth running of modules and retreats. For this role, you are ideally an experienced practitioner who is keen to participate in our programmes and can provide on-the-ground support of teachers and participants, as well as liaising with the Bodhi College team.

Furthermore, we are looking for hosts for our online programmes.This role usually involves liaising with the Bodhi College team and teachers before the event, technical support for teachers and participants in Zoom during the event, and uploading any recordings after the event.

For more information about any of these opportunities, please contact our Director.