Meditation: Between Psychological Development and Spiritual Growth – Online

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Buddhist textual meditation instructions originate from a pre-psychological epoch. In contrast, people of our time understand meditation and their own inner process primarily in psychological terms. This course offers a reflection on the contemplative path from a psychological perspective – led by  a psychologist and a psychotherapist – both meditation teachers for many years.  Together, we will look at the questions: what exactly happens when we meditate? How do modern day practitioners find their way through pre-psy­cho­logical meditation in­struc­tions? Do different temperaments respond differently to specific forms of me­di­tation? What can go wrong? How are needs different from desires? Does spiritual practice really pro­tect against neu­rosis? How can practitioners avoid side-stepping indispensable de­velop­men­tal stages in their meditation practice? The course offers clarification and orientation where notions of psychological development and traditional perspectives of spiritual growth interplay.

We hope that this retreat will be a creative way to respond to the current situation and that it will support us all in this time.

Event Details

This study and practice retreat is for dedicated contemplative practitioners with a keen interest in reflecting and practicing psychological integration. Our vision is to make a thematically focused and taught home-retreat possible for motivated participants.

While we encourage full real-time participation we’re also conscious of differing time-zones and would like to enable participants (e.g. from the Americas) to follow the recordings of the two earlier live sessions by making them available within an hour so that participants can access these at suitable local times later during their day.

We encourage the use of cameras throughout for the support of visibly being present for each other in times of where – this will be particularly the case during Q & A and small group work sessions.

Each day there will be four online Zoom sessions:

EDT 01:00-01:45 / CET 07:00-07:45 (Sitting)
EDT 03:00-04:00 / CET 09:00-10:00 (Instructions, Guided Exercise, Sitting)
(Audio recordings of these sessions will be immediately available for time-shifted perusal)

EDT 9:30 – 11:30 am / CET 15.30–17.30 Presentation, Groups
EDT 13:30–14:45 pm / CET 19:30 – 20:45 Meditation & Q & A

Between these times, you will be given a schedule to follow at home.

We look forward to your participation!

Additional Information:

  • For experienced practitioners
  • This is a graduate course, open to all who have previously participated in Bodhi College retreats or completed one of our extended courses. Places are also available to experienced students who have familiarity with the core teachings of the Buddha and are committed to the practice of dharma. Psychological and therapeutic understanding is desirable.


  • This course is offered on a fee basis to cover Bodhi College's overhead costs.
  • The fee does not contribute towards the livelihood of our teachers. You will invited to offer teacher dana at the end of the course.
  • If you are unable to afford the rate please let us know. We will make sure that no one is turned away because of lack of funds.


AkincanoAKINCANO M. WEBER is a Swiss Buddhist teacher and psychotherapist (MA). A former monk, he has lived and practised for 20 years in European and Thai Forest monasteries. Particular interests are early Buddhist texts, stillness and contemplative psychology. He is the guiding teacher of Atammaya Cologne, Germany, part of the CPP programme and of several Mindfulness teacher training courses, and teaches meditation and Buddhist Psychology in secular and traditional contexts in Europe and overseas. 

YUKA NAKAMURA has practised Buddhist meditation in different traditions since 1993, has a PhD in Developmental Psychology and is a certified MBSR-teacher. Trained as a Buddhist meditation teacher by Fred von Allmen she teaches meditation at Beatenberg (Switzerland), Gaia House (UK), Insight Meditation Society (Barre, MA) and other places. Yuka offers MBSR-courses and MBI-trainings at the CFM Zentrum für Achtsamkeit (CH).