Mindfulness Teachers Development Programme 2023 – 2024

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This programme is for those teaching mindfulness-based applications in contemporary settings such as health care, education and other organisations. 

In the course of a year, over three modules and one retreat, you will deepen your understanding and practice of the Buddhist roots of mindfulness. Enriching your personal practice and understanding in ways that have a positive impact not only on your personal life, but also the way you teach and relate to the suffering of your participants.    

The programme includes personal practice, dialogue, instruction, small group exercises, creativity, and individual and peer supervision. During the three modules, mornings will be dedicated to silent meditative practice and reflection on this practice using insight dialogue techniques. Afternoons will start with thematic sessions offered by the teachers, followed by small groups exchanging how these themes impact on your personal lives, your teaching and the lives of your participants. The afternoons will end with a Q&A session with the teachers. In the evenings, creative space will be offered to work with the themes in a more experiential way. 

The five-day, in-person silent retreat provides a longer and more intensive silent meditative practice. More information on the theme of the retreat can be found here

During the course, five individual supervision sessions will be offered by the teachers on a dana basis. In between the modules and retreat, three InterVision (peer-coaching) sessions will be organized to exchange knowledge and support amongst peers.

Event Details


Module 1 – In person
Dates: 19 – 22 May 2023
Themes: Dukkha and the three characteristics of existence
Teachers: Anne Speckens , Nicole Schoonbrood & Christina Feldman (online)
Venue ICT Naarden, the Netherlands

Retreat – In person
Dates: 24 to 29 September 2023
Theme: Brahmavihara’s
Teachers: Christina Feldman & John Peacock
Assistants: Anne Speckens & Nicole Schoonbrood
Venue: ICT Naarden, the Netherlands

Module 2 – Online
Dates: 23 to 26 November 2023
Theme: Ethics and the 8th fold path
Teachers: Anne Speckens, Nicole Schoonbrood & Jaya Rudgard

Module 3 – In person
Dates: 15 to 18 March 2024
Themes: Embodiment and the factors of awakening
Teachers: Anne Speckens, Nicole Schoonbrood & Chris Cullen
Venue: ITC Naarden, the Netherlands


  • The fees for the course are €2190 with double room accommodation and €2390 with single room accommodation. This will include attendance of both in person modules and the online module, including accommodation and teachers’ fee.
  • Accommodation for the retreat is also included, but the fees for the teachers of the retreat will be on dana basis. The individual supervision sessions will also be on dana basis.
  • Please note that you do not need to register separately for the retreat. When you register for this course the retreat is automatically included in the booking.
  • Once you have booked on this Programme you will be manually registered for the Retreat and receive confirmation, this may take a few days.
  • Please also note that even if you have booked for a single room on the programme, this doesn't guarantee you a single room on the retreat.  We will of course do our very best, however the number of single rooms are limited. 
  • It is possible to pay by instalments.  For more details, please contact us
  • A limited number of Bursary places are available for this course.

Additional Information:

  • The course is open to mindfulness teachers who have completed their formal training in their respective countries. 
  • For Dutch students,  this course is accredited by the Mindfulness Register (VMBN) - nascholing Boeddhistische Psychologie- 24 points, nascholing Inquiry - 12 punten, nascholing MBP (fysieke uren)- 48 points and nascholing MBP overige studiebelasting - 57 points. 


CHRISTINA FELDMAN is a co-founder of Gaia House and a guiding teacher at Insight Meditation Society, Barre, Massachussetts. The author of a number of books, she has been teaching insight meditation retreats internationally since 1976. She is one of the teaching faculty of the CPP programme, dedicated to the study and application of the early teachings of the Buddha and is engaged in teaching the Buddhist psychological foundations of mindfulness to those training to teach mindfulness-based applications in England, Belgium and the Netherlands. Her most recent book Mindfulness: Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Psychology, written with Willem Kuyken, was published in the summer of 2019. 

is both an academic and a Buddhist practitioner of nearly fifty years. Trained initially in the Tibetan Gelugpa tradition in India, he subsequently spent time in Sri Lanka studying Theravada. After doing a doctorate in philosophy, he taught Buddhist and Western philosophy and then Buddhist Studies at the University of Bristol. He went on to be Associate Director of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, co-direct the Master of Studies programme in MBCT(Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy) at Oxford University, and teach Buddhist psychology on the same course.  John is now retired from academia and continues to teach meditation, as he has done for more than thirty-five years.

Chris CullenCHRIS CULLEN has practised and studied the Buddha's teachings since 1994 and has been teaching Insight Meditation retreats since 2010. He is also on the teaching team of the University of Oxford’s Mindfulness Centre, teaching Buddhist Psychology on the Masters course in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and running the mindfulness programme in the UK Parliament. He has a psychotherapy practice in Oxford.


Jaya new
began meditating in the 1980s and practised for eight years as a nun in the Thai Forest tradition in England with Ven. Ajahn Sumedho as her teacher. She is a graduate of the Insight Meditation Society/Spirit Rock Teacher Training and teaches Insight Meditation and mindfulness in the UK and internationally. Jaya is a qualified yoga teacher and a certified Holden Qigong instructor.

ANNE SPECKENS is a professor of psychiatry at the Radboud University Medical Centre in  Nijmegen, the Netherlands. She is the founder and director of the Radboudumc Centre for Anne SpeckensMindfulness. The Centre offers mindfulness courses for both clinical populations and health care professionals. Its research focuses on the effectiveness and possible working mechanisms of mindfulness in different populations. Anne is a qualified mindfulness teacher and completed the Teacher Training Program of Bodhi College in 2021.


NICOLE SCHOONBROOD is working at the Radboudumc Centre for Mindfulness as a senior trainer supervising the teacher trainer program for mindfulness teachers. Besides being a teacher trainerNicole Schoonbrood she is anexperienced supervisor, compassion teacher and Insight Dialogue teacher. She has completed the Dhamma Teacher Program at Bodhi College and is also guiding retreats.