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“ I appreciated the interaction of theory and practice and how we are helped to integrate it all into our lives. The knowledge, skill and generosity of the teachers is excellent (as well as their sense of humour!). It has exceeded all expectations.”
– Maria, Committed Practitioners Programme (CPP)

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“Interacting with so many people around the globe… created a deep sense of universal connectedness and shared intentions.
Real, warm and intimate.”
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4 days ago

Bodhi College
This Sunday 5th of February will be the full moon, or 'Snow Moon' to mark the moon at this time of year. In the time of the Buddha, full and new moon nights were already considered sacred and auspicious times. The early Sangha adopted the practice of choosing these as the times to come together to meditate, listen to teachings and renew their monastic vows. It makes total sense when you don’t have calendars and clocks to live by. This tradition has continued up to the present time. Our teachers, Jaya, Chris and Yuka hold an online gathering of our sangha in time with the full and new moon each month, as a way of providing a sense of stability and structure for our dharma practice. The sessions are short, open to all, and free to join (with dana for the teachers invited). https://bit.ly/3XzZL02 ... See MoreSee Less
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6 days ago

Bodhi College
2 AugustBy River Wolton Grateful to rungrateful for eggsfor trains and the playgroundfor the outdoor swimming pool open againgrateful for standing-on-one-leg competitionsto lighten frustration at queuing,for the kids’ delightat being in the water.Grateful for walking homealong the river,grateful for questionsand roast cabbage,grateful for a clean bedto hold the weary bonesand aching head.River's book of poetry ‘Year’ began life as an intention to dedicate 2020 to mettā by writing a poem a day on the theme, including its obstacles. Then the pandemic arrived…River will be hosting a very special seminar for Bodhi College on 26 February looking at Creativity and Dharma. We invite you to join us online that Sunday evening for an interesting discussion looking at topics such as where creativity and meditation overlap, and how we can hold an awareness of not-self at the same time as making art from the specifics of our lives. The event is free, with dana for the teachers invited. Registration here: https://bit.ly/3H3FlWbMore info on River's book, Year, here: https://poetrybusiness.co.uk/product/year/ ... See MoreSee Less
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