2022 Programme – online courses

Chris Cullen



Uposatha Sangha – traditional gathering

Yuka Nakamura, Jaya Rudgard and Chris Cullen

Inspired by the ancient tradition of observance of the Uposatha days, these gatherings offer an opportunity to support and encourage one another in renewing our commitment to practice. Read more…

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Christina Feldman



Satipatthana Sutta retreat

Christina Feldman, Yuka Nakamura and Jaya Rudgard

The Satipatthana Sutta is a key teaching offered by the Buddha, covering the four primary ways to establish mindfulness – in the body, feeling tone of experience, moods and psychological process.
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Group Mentoring Programme:
5 Spiritual Powers

Christina Feldman

These 4 evenings will begin with a sitting period and short reflection on on of the Indriyas – 5 Spiritual power that lead to liberation – Faith, Energy, Mindfulness. Samadhi (collectedness) and Wisdom.
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Letting the Suttas sing

Jaya Rudgard

For the first few centuries of their existence, the Buddha’s teachings were transmitted entirely by memory and oral recitation. When we chant it soothes the mind and body, deepens our listening skills, and supports meditation.
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