2018 Bodhi College courses


Programme Overview click to see a chart of all courses below with start dates and venues

2018-19 Long Courses (with multiple modules/retreats)

  • Buddhist Foundations of Mindfulness➤ with Chris Cullen, Christina Feldman, John Peacock & Akincano Weber
    • 4 retreats in the UKSwitzerland
    • February & October 2018 / February & October 2019
    • Retreats are booked individually, and can be attended singly or as a rolling programme
    • The 2019 retreats will open for bookings mid 2018

2018 Short Courses (standalone single modules), Retreats and Online Course

Online course 


  • Dependent Origination Retreat ➤ with Christina Feldman and John Peacock
    • Zwanenhof, Holland
    • Suitable for experienced practitioners
    • Part of the Committed Practitioners Programme
    • 21-28 September 2018

Weekend Courses

Teacher Training Programme

  • Teacher Training ➤ with Stephen Batchelor, Christina Feldman, John Peacock, Akincano Weber and more


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